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Many of the employees entering the workforce in the next few years will have been raised on the Internet, which has shaped the way their brains are wired. Are companies ready for this generation of workers?

FORTUNE — Some call them “digital natives,” and they’re everywhere. You may even be raising some right now.

They’re the next generation of workers, and they include anyone who has grown up with constant access to the Internet. This state of digital immersion has sculpted their brains in ways that people have never experienced before.

“Organizations need to recognize that, ” says David Pescovitz, research director, for non-profit research center Institute for the Future, “because you’re seeing a transformation in how people work.”

Of course, “digital natives” aren’t a homogenous group with equal access to technology, and their brains don’t adapt to their environment in the same way. And experts agree that much more…

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~ by Adam Maikkula on April 9, 2012.

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