Well, I gave into the suggestions and created my own blog.  I am not 100% sure what type of content I plan to provide in this space, but I guess I will figure that out as I go.   Word is that you can actually make money for just talking (typing) about things you find interesting…as long as viewers come to check out the content.  Seeing as most major media outlets and newspapers are losing their customer bases, maybe it is news from the masses that we actually prefer to read due to our ability to stop/start reading (for free!) whenever we choose, make comments and easily forward content onto our own social networks.  This ability for “news 2.0” is much more proactive and allows readers (for better or worse) to create themselves as little niches within the media world.  The fact that somebody can now only expose themselves to one particular subject of news through email alerts, rss feeds, etc. is very unique when compared to the history of reading and watching news reports.  Before, you at least had to page through the newspaper and read the headlines to decide which content you wanted to further explore.  Now, you just choose a topic, choose a source and wait for your desired types of news to come to you (and still decide whether or not you want to read/watch/ listen).  Because I am a fan of both traditional news sources and those provided in the digital world, I come across a lot of cool content that others may find value in.

My initial idea is to replicate the types of posts I commonly place on Facebook.  Being an observer of culture, I tend to find a variety of things interesting and often like to share articles, music, movies, books, etc. with my network.  I am guessing a blog will allow me to provide much more commentary regarding my posts because the Facebook world is not the best place to expect open commentary around relevant subject matter(more to come later…).  Not only this, but a blog is open to the entire digitally connected world whereas Facebook is limited to the 175+ million users  

Thank you for checking this out and please come back to view more topics and provide some commentary!


~ by Adam Maikkula on February 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Newbie”

  1. Awesome idea. I look forward to posts about the cutting edge of science, technology, and business!

  2. […] means…readership…And I say that this Pi Day is a little ironic because I originally started this blog in February 2009 as a way to share interesting things I found online and to illustrate the things I was paying […]

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