MIT OpenCourseWare – free education (for the self-motivated)

MIT decided a while back to open up their aggregate knowledge to the entire world FOR FREE!  MIT Open Courseware – Click to access the course catalogue for all 1800+ courses offered online.

My main questions involve having this knowledge.  If I can access ALL the course materials (syllabus, lecture notes, videos, assignments, texts, and exams) for MIT’s MBA program at Sloan School of Management (for example), is it more valuable to have access to and learn the complex content taught at MIT on my own, or is the value of the MBA in having the brand strength behind your higher degree?  

I will admit that it takes a lot of self-motivation to get yourself to participate in the courses. MIT OpenCourseWare is a great resource for entrepreneurs, emerging countries, advanced students and those thinking of attending some sort of continuing education program in the future.  The ability to access this information is great for looking to broaden your horizons and/or develop a greater understanding of your core knowledge.  The material also comes in handy if you feel there are discrepancies in your current school’s educational

I think this will play a huge role in the educational advancement of developing countries as they have a working (1800+ course) syllabus to access top rate knowledge and resources to then craft out their own paths of study for their citizens/students.  

Will there ever be a new credited university that aggregates all the different schools with OpenCourse materials into a degree earning educational setting?  This new approach could actually create for-credit classes with real assignments and structure that people can actually earn a degree from.  It is quite the educational paradigm shift, but why not?  If it works great for educating the citizens, then do it! Why should each school hold onto their individual knowledge/approaches to education/conferences?  I know I would go to a school like this.  Why be limited to the knowledge of one professor/one department/one school? It would lead to a very diverse educational setting…


~ by Adam Maikkula on February 23, 2009.

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