TEDtalk – Bill Gates on Malaria and Education

I was given the opportunity to attend the joint conversation between Bill Gates and Richard Schulze at the University of St. Thomas’ unveiling of the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship in fall 2005. As an entrepreneur, I can tell you that it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced in the business world! Gates spoke to us about his entrepreneurial experiences and made a few comments about how IT and biology were great subjects to start focusing on. Illustrating that these two fields were going to continue to lead the way in innovation, I took note of every piece of advice Gates shared. As businesses and entrepreneurs continue to innovate, we will see some dramatic shifts in both IT and medicine as we begin to integrate technology and biology to cure diseases around the world.

As seen in the above clip, it is great to see that Gates has moved into a full-time position within his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation since stepping out of his day-to-day responsibilities at Microsoft.  

Malaria and education are two global issues Gates is attempting to tackle in his effort to make the world a better place. A key point to take away from this TEDtalk presentation is that we need to have incentives for entrepreneurs, companies, universities and volunteers to proactively focus their efforts on solving large scale issues that have been continuously ignored by the people who could have traditionally affected change. Social entrepreneurship is a great way to encourage individuals and organizations to take chances at tyring to solve social issues which do not possess the traditional market potentials businesses typically focuses on.

I look forward to seeing the time when the kids of the future will be the ones making leaps and bounds in medical advancements the same way technically oriented “youth” have picked up on and developed complex IT solutions to solve human problems.  Specifically, picture the advancements in personal computing over the last 20 years transposed onto medicine…(Bringing this full circle), some innovated approaches to education will be needed to help us reach the point where enough of today’s leaders understand the importance of and implement the changes necessary to prepare young adults and children for the world they will inherit.

~ by Adam Maikkula on March 7, 2009.

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