Moonwalk! Michael Jackson: Communication and Cultural Innovation

It is interesting to me that anybody who can moonwalk instantly grabs the attention of those near them. The symbol of MJ’s moonwalk is an instantaneous form of communication between the performer and the viewer. Automatically, a bond is created because everyone can relate to it. People get as excited when a complete stranger does the moonwalk as the people who first saw MJ perform it in the early ’80s. I’d put the ability to moonwalk up there with people who can solve a rubix cube or jump and dunk from the free throw line. You do any of them and you’re guaranteed to get a reaction out of those around you. Each one of them effectively communicates with people…oh, and dont forget that Jackson brought us the white glove, “hee hee”, and the Thriller dance move…

~ by Adam Maikkula on June 26, 2009.

One Response to “Moonwalk! Michael Jackson: Communication and Cultural Innovation”

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