Past drawings

~ by Adam Maikkula on December 3, 2009.

5 Responses to “Past drawings”

  1. Wow, these are awesome! I wish I had that much control, but I’m so impatient.

    • Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting on my past drawings. It is great to know others are viewing them. I see you do some drawing as well! I really like your “Deathly Consequences” cartoon! haha

      Keep up the good work and good luck with school! Please feel free to comment on any of my other blog posts. I will try to post some other drawings in the near future.

    • It does take a lot of patience when I work on these! The typical piece takes about 10 hours and I like to do it all in one sitting. It is very relaxing – that is why I do it. Sometimes I will listen to the same artist and album on repeat the entire time I work on one of these. I also have a “Diary of Alicia Keys Album Cover” drawing a few pages back in my blog…some constructive artistic criticism would be accepted 🙂 – take care!

  2. You should keep it up! All too often great artists just stop to concentrate on something else and it’s a shame! Those pencil drawing are great. I’d think you’ll have lots of fun working with color too.

    I understand how relaxing sketching can be… when I’m on a roll I’ll be so involved, hours might go by. Other times I want to throw my pencils at somebody.

    Maybe I cartoon because I only concentrate on the details that hold my interest. I’m not much of an expert, but I’d be glad to comment on your drawings. 🙂

  3. Thanks! Yeah, that time just zips by and then you realize you have other stuff you are “supposed to be doing”. Check out the concept and book Flow (if you haven’t already). The author also wrote a book about creativity that is very interesting. You definitely can relate to both when doing your art works. The thing I must point out about your art is that you also have to tell a story (a funny one at that) in addition to communicating through images. I am not as skilled at just making up drawings. I do better trying to replicate images in front of me…but perhaps I could start trying.

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