Cultural Observations of Digital Life – ‘Digital Girl’ Remix (part 2)

Continued from part 1 (above)

Window= On the surface, this line sounds like somebody is literally peeking in his house window, but it is also referring to the internet browser window or application window that popped up when a girl sent him a message.

Skin= Literally means “show some more skin”, as in take off more clothes, but it also references the name for customized backgrounds and color schemes in technology…So, “you should let some more skin show” could mean that that window with her in it should be made bigger or she should be the only window (girl) he is talking to on his computer screen.

The Info= The info can refer to the conversation they are having and the fact that it is being tracked and saved on a server (somewhere), and the fact that somebody could actually be eavesdropping on their conversation with a computer virus/spyware, etc.  “The Info” is translated to mean the low-down or for others to be informed about their digital rendezvous – when they are really trying to keep it a secret…

Work it out, no Nintendo= Depending on how the line before about “the info” is depicted, “Work it out, no Nintendo” literally means they could work it out, but with “no Nintendo” (Wii Fit reference) if a problem of exposure arose.  From a double entendre perspective, this line refers to physical intimacy – playing games/having fun – but, with “no Nintendo”, like to mean real playing, no more virtual reality…

Alt / Tab= Literally means simultaneously pressing the Alt key and the Tab key on the keyboard, to switch between the next or a previously focused on window (here meaning he is talking to more than one girl online) without having to use his computer mouse to switch the windows – because the keyboard shortcut of Alt/Tab is the quickest way to flip between windows (great for efficiency or if his real girlfriend or another person just walked into the room and he wanted to block them from seeing his conversations).

Never Lose The Connection= He doesn’t want to lose the real connection that he and this girl (these girls) have, but he also hopes the internet connection doesn’t fail.

Escape Key= Referencing the technical way of leaving a window or closing an application (especially if it is unresponsive and not doing or acting how you wanted it to act – “Stop”, “Cancel”, “Quit”, “Close”, “No”, “Abort”, etc…).  It also refers to the literal ability to escape a situation.

Erase Me= She threatens to erase him from her technology.  Erasing him from her contacts list, cell phone, AIM, etc would basically mean she could not reach him ever again and could mean out of sight, out of mind.

AIM= AOL Instant Messenger.  Everybody in my generation grew up talking to all of their friends on AIM.  He is reminiscing about a girl who used to AOL Instant Message him.  Staying up late into the early hours of the morning were very common, and then somebody would jokingly blame the other for keeping them up so late chatting.

Photoshop= Highly sophisticated visual arts program that could allow you to completely manipulate an image or create one from scratch without much difficulty. In his case, “even Photoshop couldn’t change me”, so why try?  It is a big statement and actually pretty creative to say the least.

No Strings Attached Your Love Is So WiFi= (One of my personal favorites of the song because of how clever it is and how it makes so many statements at one time).  There are no strings attached to her love, so they are free to have fun, date others, and not be tied down…so, their relationship is wireless in a sense, and therefore “WiFi” is in reference again to digital technology.  WiFi can also mean that her love is everywhere/all over the place because it is primarily online, so with technology, they could move to opposite ends of the world and still be “connected”.

~ by Adam Maikkula on December 5, 2009.

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