Lil Wayne Rolling Stone Cover Drawing

Lil Wayne Rolling Stone Cover

Lil Wayne Rolling Stone Cover Drawing

On the drawing:
I was interested in doing a drawing of this Lil Wayne Rolling Stone cover after seeing all of the texture there was between his tattoos and the words on the cover of the magazine. It was hard to free write the words and try to make them line up…I am not great at drawing bubble letters like are on the cover, but it still comes together. I was so annoyed from drawing the letters that you can see where I scrunched the Allman Brothers in the bottom left hand corner in a rush to get through the letters.

This was the first picture of a person I got to draw in which they had their eyes closed. This made it easier to sketch his face because I didn’t have to worry about aligning the order of his eyes (which is usually the most difficult part of most face drawings besides noses). I think the way the eyes align is what makes or breaks most sketches because people are used to a certain spatial order that makes people recognizable.

On Lil Wayne:
Rapper Lil Wayne is recognizably one of the most prolific rappers of the 21st century. Though many people see the tattoos and write him off, it’s important to note that he was in the gifted program in school until he was 14 (when he dropped out of school to pursue a music career). The tattoos represent different parts of his life…He started rapping before middle school, openly admits to losing his virginity at 11 years old, started doing drugs around the same time, and received a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the chest that exited through his back at 12 years old when he accidentally found a loaded gun in his mother’s house. There is something in that early childhood chaos that Lil Wayne carries with him and wears on his skin. He made a pointed description of his tattoos in a song with Destiny’s Child called Soldier:

“Body marked up like the subway in Harlem
Call him, Weezy F Baby, please say the Baby
If you don’t see me on the block I ain’t tryna hide
I blend in wit the hood, I’m camouflage”

Lastly, if you have ever heard of the term “Bling” to refer to jewelry or other shiny items, it was Lil Wayne who invented that slang and created a song in the late 90’s called “Bling, Bling”. Hands down, at 27 years old, Wayne is an influential member of pop culture and has plenty more to give as a 13 year music veteran.

~ by Adam Maikkula on September 12, 2010.

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