Unique Documentary Looks At TED2006 (w/ only 1200 views) – “A veritable Cirque du Soleil of the psyche” = So True!

The owners didn’t allow embedding, so you will have to click the video and watch it at YouTube (you have to be aware of this video no matter how you watch it)

I randomly found this video about TED and was shocked it had had so few views.  Perhaps the 73 minutes made TED fans shirk considering most talks are 18 minutes, or it really has not been discovered by many others.  It is interesting to compare the status of TED in the global culture today to the predictions in this video from 2006. Attending in ’10 was an amazing life experience, so it was awesome to see four years earlier when TED was really just starting to move towards becoming more influential on a broader scale. Enjoy.

The description posted in YouTube says it all:

“An all-access, backstage pass to the hottest gathering in the world, (WIRED Magazine) THE FUTURE WE WILL CREATE is an exhilarating behind-the-scenes tour of this stimulating and paradigm-shifting meeting of the minds, an annual conference where theoretical physicists, 11-year-old violin prodigies, and venture capitalists present and exchange bold new ideas that will change everything. A veritable Cirque du Soleil of the psyche, TED (Technology Entertainment Design) brings the talent, energy, and collective spirit of the planet’s top doers and thinkers together to plot a better future.” by Snagfilms

~ by Adam Maikkula on September 28, 2010.

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