Christina Perri Ushers In New Concept Of ‘Celebrity Status’

Christina Perri is rewriting the concept of celebrity by just being herself.  You may not have heard of Christina yet, but you need to be aware of her.  Her escalating popularity was catapulted into the mainstream when her song “Jar of Hearts” was played on So You Think You Can Dance in July.  Immediately, fans rushed to iTunes and YouTube to get a piece of her music.  What I like most about Christina is how she authentically displays her launch/success for the general public to see.  Skeptics may doubt that she is being herself, but I have a feeling that what we see is what we get.  The joy, excitement, and situations she faces on a day-to-day basis have never been so publicly displayed (as far as I can remember as a cultural studies enthusiast) by any other rising star.  I am reminded of the humble beginnings of Carrie Underwood by how they both found initial success from television shows/contests, and I am also reminded of the early days of Alicia Keys when she came out with “Fallin'”.

Cleverly, Christina has leveraged video and other media to connect with her fans and says that she responds to all Facebook messages, Friend requests, and emails.  I think that that is pretty cool for someone with such a demanding schedule.  It is a great strategy to intertwine videos of herself covering popular songs and her own pieces.  As for the videos below, I think it is awesome how Christina and her friend Keltie Colleen have been vlogging (video blogging) the life experiences associated with up and coming musicians.  Below is a behind the scenes video of Christina before she appeared on Jay Leno’s show.  What is unique is that viewers all around the world get to learn (vicariously) what it is like to be a performer on a late night talk show aired to millions of viewers.  Secondly, viewers get to see how each of these unique experiences link together to form a potentially huge career for Christina.  True, only time will tell, but I’m willing to bet my money that this is not the last we hear of Christina.  It seems like her momentum and talent are just too strong to fade away. If nothing else, the bio on her Facebook Fan Page says enough, “Christina Perri has the voice of a oversized black woman in the body of a skinny, tattoo covered, hopeless romantic.”

~ by Adam Maikkula on October 11, 2010.

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