Cross Genre Pop Culture Emotions

Alright, I’ve always had this fascination with common human themes within all types of music.  Because I listen to a diverse set of music, my friends often go crazy when hanging out because I will play some rock, switch over to some rap, flip to some country, slip in a little R&B, crank up some oldies, and then hit them with some Miles Davis…and that’s just while working out in the gym or playing sports.  I must admit that my broad interest in music stems from my diverse interest in people.  Musicians write about life experiences and the human condition, so to me, a good musician is simply somebody who makes a good point with words and instruments.  An example of the cross genre pop culture emotions I’m talking about are the three videos below of songs I recently heard and laughingly saw a common theme.  The musicians are all basically telling/saying the same things from similar life experiences, but providing their tales from different angles and through different musical forms.  Yes, you could find a hundred other similar songs, but I thought the dichotomy of each of these three songs (with accompanying videos) would be interesting to lump together in a blog post, so here you have it (you will have to double click the videos to open them in YouTube b/c Vevo doesn’t allow embedding…)

~ by Adam Maikkula on January 23, 2011.

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