Introducing TED-Ed Video Lessons! “Lessons Worth Sharing”

Last year at TED2011, Chris Anderson and TED announced a new project to accelerate the push of TED into the realm of education.  This new initiative, dubbed TED-Ed, was a Think Tank forum for members of the TED community including exceptional educators, animators, and thinkers.  I was fortunate enough to join TED-Ed at its launch and provided as much perspective on the Millennial generation’s view of learning, education, and social media as possible to help catalyze the inputs from educators from around the world who are working directly with students in their classrooms and can’t quite put their fingers on what is missing…or what is working well.

Here is one of the first lessons on “Why can’t we see evidence of alien life?”…

This is going to be huge for education…Especially as the community of volunteer TED translators who have translated thousands of TEDtalks into many global languages get involved.

~ by Adam Maikkula on March 12, 2012.

One Response to “Introducing TED-Ed Video Lessons! “Lessons Worth Sharing””

  1. Great blog. I just stumbled on it–it seems like you’re a really solid curator for internet-based ideas. Keep it up!

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