Thought Experiment: Facebook Mobile Operating System underway…

Facebook is playing a little too coy and over-selling the fact their mobile advertising revenue is low and that they have “no clue how mobile works”… Considering everything we’ve seen about the IPO, Zuck’s wedding, and the ever-random new FB platform updates, they like playing their cards close to the chest. So, here’s a quick thought experiment I quickly posted on my FB page and figured I’d copy here (w/ some add-ins):

So, I’m guessing Facebook will create their own mobile operating system (they hired Google’s Senior Android Product Manager, Erick Tseng, in May 2010) license it to phone manufacturers [or just one (since they have nearly 1 billion users – which is 1/6 of total 5.9b total cell phone users in the world…)], and make money per user on the phones. If Facebook could get 250m of it’s users to drop iOS and Android and shoot for increased ad revenues that way, they’d have another cash cow on their hands and be more of a traditional business in the eyes of Wall Street Analysts – and, therefore, Facebook’s stock price would rise (speculatively and literally)…But, Android revenues include Google mobile ad revs, so Facebook would have to figure out mobile ads, or just make money off the exclusive licensing rights of one manufacturer making “The Facebook Phone”. Maybe you never call anybody ever again, just FB Poke them, the phone vibrates, and you pick it up (lol)…or it vibrates whenever someone is looking at your profile. People would be hooked! haha

Hense, why Google foresightedly bought Motorola for $12.5b.

We can be sure Bing/Microsoft will be involved somehow since Microsoft owns a very small percentage of Facebook and serves their search results.

And of course, how can I pass up the chance to include a Chris Rock bit on ringtones:


~ by Adam Maikkula on May 25, 2012.

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