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Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo

After a prolonged absence from my blog resulting from extensive travel (both work and pleasure), I’ve come back with two blog posts on the subject of my former employer, Google. The questions I want to set out to address in this post is why would Google want to make and sell glasses and why would a software behemoth want get into the business of laying fiber-optic cables in Kansas City, MO? We might also consider other questions such as, are these two projects related? Given that glasses and fiber are so seemingly far from Google’s core business of  search, do they not represent a major distraction for the search giant? Has Larry Page simply run wild now that he’s the CEO of a company so powerful it has its own church?

To answer the last question first, no Larry Page hasn’t run wild: in fact, he doesn’t run anywhere. He…

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~ by Adam Maikkula on December 6, 2012.

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