Maybe my last blog post ever:

I’ve done nearly 300 posts in 5 years, but I haven’t blogged anything of my own in nearly a year and a half. That being said, this TEDtalk is so on point that it might be the last post I make. Nearly all my content summed up in one TEDtalk 5 years later haha. Enjoy! 


Learning > Education

“It feels like they’re trying to make you memorize the whole Encyclopedia before they let you go out and play. And to me, I’ve got the Wikipedia on my cellphone and it feels like they assume you’re going to be on top of some mountain all by yourself with a #2 pencil trying to figure out what to do when in fact you’re always going to be connected, you’re always going to have friends, and you can pull the Wikipedia up whenever you need it. What you need to learn is how to learn.” Joi Ito

Click, View, Learn – Adam Maikkula

~ by Adam Maikkula on July 11, 2014.

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