Cultural Studies Observations on Facebook, Graph Search, Pay-to-Message

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The prequel to Facebook announcing Graph Search was an announcement that you could pay $100 to directly message Mark Zuckerberg in a project Facebook was testing to find optimal pay-to-message rates. I do not think these two announcements are unrelated. Soon you will probably search all of Facebook’s database, see people you don’t know who fit the bill for your query and have the opportunity to pay to communicate with them (without going through the Friending process…) [Similar to what you can do on LinkedIn]. Just a thought: so search queries like, “All single women in the Twin Cities who like beer” or “All single women in the Twin Cities who have been to Stellas”, men will now pay to message those ladies’ profiles. Will such behavior be seen as acceptable, or will the FB community think it is the evolution of “Creeper Status” having gone from looking at all of someone’s profile (pictures, etc) to trying to go around the self-built wall some have put up of not accepting all friend requests and using privacy settings to stay un-crept-on? Is paying to message someone just another tool for those who cannot “take a hint”? And if there is no guarantee the recipient will open (and “hopefully” respond), then Facebook is once again exploiting the human desire to have the attention of people who one currently does not have the attention of. You think people want to already meet Michael Jordan..? Wait till people can realize the many Facebook likes they have in common with MJ, further solidifying the fascination with Air Jordan and making them feel closer to ‘being like Mike’ (below).

So the idea of paying a $500 FB fee to message him on Facebook for a slim chance that he’d react seems like a no-brainer if you were already willing to stand in line for hours out in the cold for a slim chance of getting an autograph. #culturalstudies


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Global Shapers announce #200Hubs

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The World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers community announced that it reached 200 worldwide hubs yesterday via a subtle, yet effective, social media campaign using the #200Hubs hashtag.


Below are the two digital assets specifically from the announcement that accompanied the #200Hubs hashtag online.

(Above: a banner image for Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter accounts via Matthieu Zellweger |

(Below: a video message from Professor Klaus Schwab announcing the 200th hub achievement)

As a member of the Global Shapers Minneapolis hub, I shared these resources to our hub’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our Minneapolis members also shared them to their own personal social media profiles to raise further awareness in the community and broaden the overall reach of the announcement. Each of the 200 hubs around the world similarly engaged in the #200Hubs announcement throughout the day.

Coincidentally, our Minneapolis hub announcement was released around the same time that the travel site, Lonely Planet, released news that the Twin Cities had made their list of the Top 10 U.S. Travel Destinations for 2013. We were able to align with the travel buzz by messaging Lonely Planet’s article in unison with our #200Hubs efforts to increase awareness for the diversity of arts and activities that make our hometown unique.

At the time of writing this, our Minneapolis Hub is in our fifth month of activity with 11 members (all between 20 and 30 years old). Our hub is dedicated to making Minneapolis a better place while striving to improve the state of the world in line with the mission of the World Economic Forum. To make our ambitions tangible, we are engaging in various community-level projects throughout the Twin Cities. One of the consistent themes arising in our project discussions revolves around youth engagement in the arts. Our team is currently conducting an environmental scan of arts initiatives around the Twin Cities to see where a potential project could reside.

For a glimpse into what other hubs are doing around the world, here is an introductory video explaining the purpose of the Global Shapers community within the World Economic Forum.

To nominate yourself or a dynamic young leader in your community, visit the Global Shapers application page for more information. Our growing community is always looking for great young adults with a diversity of perspectives and experiences.

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Great read!

Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo

After a prolonged absence from my blog resulting from extensive travel (both work and pleasure), I’ve come back with two blog posts on the subject of my former employer, Google. The questions I want to set out to address in this post is why would Google want to make and sell glasses and why would a software behemoth want get into the business of laying fiber-optic cables in Kansas City, MO? We might also consider other questions such as, are these two projects related? Given that glasses and fiber are so seemingly far from Google’s core business of  search, do they not represent a major distraction for the search giant? Has Larry Page simply run wild now that he’s the CEO of a company so powerful it has its own church?

To answer the last question first, no Larry Page hasn’t run wild: in fact, he doesn’t run anywhere. He…

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University 101

On December 1, four local high school students were hit by a drunk driver, while coming home from a Siena Saints basketball game around 10 p.m. in my hometown of Clifton Park, NY, according to local newspapers.

The four students, three Shenendehowa High School students and one Shaker High School student, were all well-known athletes. Shenendehowa seniors Deanna Rivers and Chris Stewart were killed. Shaker senior Bailey Wind and Shenendehowa junior Matt Hardy were left in critical condition.

The Shenendehowa High School and Clifton Park community has been absolutely devastated by this tragedy. The lives of four local families have been changed forever.

I did not know Stewart personally, but from what I read about him on Facebook and Twitter, he had a big heart with a kind soul. He was the captain of the football team and was being heavily recruited by colleges. He proudly wore his school colors…

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Albert Einstein: How I See The World

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“Once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy.” E

Innovator’s Intensity: Back To The Future – Marty McFly rocks out in 1955

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lol – “…I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet…But your kids are gonna love it!” Marty McFly

Anybody who as created something from scratch, invented, or truly innovated can relate to the last minute of this clip (esp. the closing dialogue). It is spot on – from the facial expressions, reactions, and awkward silence. Haha


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